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Your Source for the Latest News, Trends, and Hottest Products in the Automotive Aftermarket!


AAMP Acquires Rosen Electronics and Continues to Provide Possibilities

AAMP Acquires Rosen Electronics and Continues to Provide Possibilities

With the Acquisition of Rosen Electronics, AAMP Adds to its Robust Product Suite of Aftermarket Mobile Electronics, Enabling You to Transform Your Driving Experience

Clearwater, FL (May 27, 2015) – AAMP of America™ – In April of 2015, several large auto manufacturers made an announcement that left some scratching their heads and others seething mad.   Under the cover of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), they are pushing to make it illegal for car owners to modify the vehicles they own in any way.  If the idea of tinkering with your vehicle makes you nostalgic, you’re not alone.  American ingenuity, and a hands-on approach to improvement, is at the heart of our culture, it’s the thread that makes this country so great, the fire that has ignited years of innovation, fueled by the aftermarket auto industry.  Since 1908, when the Model T began to inhabit driveways across America, tinkering with vehicles has captured the hearts and souls of people across the nation, it’s a hobby for many, a living for some, and for all of those people, it’s their passion.  At AAMP we believe in feeding that passion.  We exist to develop products that allow people to transform their driving experience into whatever it is they can imagine or desire.

“At AAMP we do more than make product,” said David Klatt, CEO of AAMP, “we revolutionize the driving experience, keeping with the American tradition, our products enable our customers and business partners to enhance the driving experience, one vehicle at a time.  We will continue to accelerate product to market through acquisitions such as Rosen Electronics and our in-house engineers”

With the recent acquisition of Rosen Electronics, AAMP adds to its growing list of aftermarket mobile electronics products, enabling people to modify their vehicle, their way.  Rosen Electronics brings strong consumer innovation and high quality, so whether AAMP customers are looking for enhanced safety or entertainment features to make those miles more enjoyable, we are the one stop shop to feed your customization crave.  Using state of the art LCD technology, Rosen produces the highest quality rear seat entertainment headrest and ceiling mount systems, in-dash multi-media with navigation systems under the brands Rosen and CarShow, and a host of vehicle safety enhancements products including back up cameras, parking sensors, rear view mirror monitoring systems and more under the brand Echomaster.  In addition to product, the acquisition will scale AAMP’s current R&D and engineering team.  Rosen and AAMP share a culture undercurrent; Rosen a proven pioneer in its field has a long legacy of firsts to market, the similarities of what drives the two companies will make the integration seamless. 

“We could not be more excited for this new partnership with AAMP,” said Tom Clements President and CEO of Rosen Electronics, “ the natural synergies between the two companies will improve our customers ability to accelerate their growth plus improve our ability to offer product solutions for the growing markets we serve.”


AAMP of America – a portfolio company of Audax Private Equity –  is a global manufacturer of a broad spectrum of in-vehicle mobile audio/video products, mobile device accessories, installation and fabrication supplies, and OEM integration solutions. AAMP of America brings new technologies to the forefront and provides its customers with the products, services and support necessary for success in a competitive market. AAMP of America is the parent company of several popular brands, including Stinger, PAC, iSimple, INTRAPHEX, Phoenix Gold, American International, Armour Automotive, Best Kits & Harnesses and Sound Quest. For more information, please visit

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