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Created: 2/16/2011
Last Posted: 3/2/2012
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2011 Automotive News

Thursday, March 17, 2011
Article ChiefBy: Article Chief
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For Blog: 2011 Automotive News

Remember the Volkswagen – Suzuki alliance / partnership born last year? Well, apparently, it’s not working out as planned.

According to the Financial Times, VW is reportedly very anxious over gaining access to Maruti Suzuki, the Suzuki subsidiary that currently holds over half of the Indian auto market. Though Suzuki has been relatively stagnant in the United States, its small cars are strong sellers in other parts of the globe.

However, Suzuki hasn’t been as open as VW hoped. The Japanese automaker had been hoping to use its tie-up with VW to gain ground on diesel engines and hybrid and electric vehicles. An anonymous VW executive says a lack of transparency has led to a slow Suzuki, as the Japanese end hasn’t acquired as much technology as it wanted.
“They can’t seriously expect that we give away all our treasures to a partner that we only minority-own,” said the anonymous executive.