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Your Source for the Latest News, Trends, and Hottest Products in the Automotive Aftermarket!


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Dynamic Specialties LLC, Now Offering Specialty Advertising Products for the Aftermarket Industry

10/9/2015 12:55:18 PM

Dynamic Specialties recently expanded its offering of specialty advertising products targeting the automotive aftermarket. Dynamic Specialties was founded by Run 12 volt Industry veteran Howard Marcus. Howard has leveraged his insight from his years in the aftermarket business, to offer cost efficient marketing tool geared to the aftermarket.

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Not a Dry Eye in the House for Last Mitsubishi Evo X Video

10/5/2015 4:10:40 PM

Say what you will about the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution; we're going to miss this one when it's gone. Japan's rally car for the street is officially being phased out, and production is ending in Japan. But not before one Final Edition, and a final video showing the turbocharged, all-wheel-drive wonder being built.

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12 things that will make Lamborghini’s SUV ridiculously fast and incredibly important

9/16/2015 4:29:12 PM

Set to arrive in 2018, the Lamborghini Urus sport-utility is already certain to be one of the fastest and most expensive trucks in the world. The Lamborghini Urus, the Italian supercar company’s first SUV in more than 20 years, has officially gotten the go-ahead for production.

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2017 Bentley Bentayga Is World’s Most Powerful, Most Luxurious SUV: Live Photos & Video

9/16/2015 3:58:03 PM

There’s an insatiable thirst for SUVs affecting the globe and the ultra-luxury segment certainly hasn’t been spared. That’s why you have the likes of Mercedes-Maybach and Rolls-Royce planning high-riding models for the first time, but Bentley has beaten them to the punch with its new Bentayga.

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Lexus promises to unveil two updated models at Pebble Beach

8/11/2015 4:49:59 PM

Lexus has announced it will stage the global debuts of two updated models at Pebble Beach later this week. But it isn't saying which models they will be. However we can take an educated guess or two.

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Honda S660 proving popular with middle-age Japanese buyers

8/11/2015 4:08:49 PM

The S660 roadster has been a success so far for Honda. (At least, that is, insofar as a niche-market sports car limited to the Japanese Domestic Market can be considered a big seller.) It just hasn't resonated with the customers that the company expected.

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Chevy Trash-Talks Ford's Aluminum Trucks in New Effort

7/17/2015 5:13:35 PM

Chevrolet is escalating the always-hot pickup wars this week with a social media campaign that takes a swipe at Ford's aluminum-body F-150. In a commercial slated for online and possible TV play, focus group members are asked which cage they would use for refuge when a grizzly bear lumbers into the room: one made of aluminum or another made of high-strength steel. Most scurry wide-eyed to the steel cage.

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U.S. And European Automakers Will Need To Be More Aware Of The Chips They Put In Their Cars

6/30/2015 3:10:19 PM

The self-driving car trend is an undeniable one, with the biggest automakers in the world adopting connected car platforms already and more coming on board every month, it seems. These include Volkswagen Group as well as General Motors, two of the three biggest automakers in the world. Google, Bosch Ltd., Audi AG, Tesla Motors and General Motors already have cars on the road, and some are already in consumer vehicles while others are for research purposes.


Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster Confirmed

6/30/2015 1:56:55 PM

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed over the weekend, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann confirmed the arrival of the Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce Roadster. The news puts a bow on a gift we already expected, having seen the superfast roadster gussied up like a Swedish rally car during testing in the Arctic.


Google Push for In-Car Gesture Control Uses Wearable Nano-Chips

6/17/2015 12:47:09 PM

Computer chips small enough to go into wristbands or watches will detect hand gestures to operate infotainment systems in BMW cars